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Lexus reportedly working on two different successors to the LFA

The successor to the Lexus LFA is beginning to take shape — in unofficial rumors, at least. The firm’s next supercar will reportedly make its debut in the coming years with a V8 under the hood, and it will be followed by a battery-electric model due out at the turn of the decade.

Citing anonymous inside sources, Japanese magazine Best Car wrote that the long-awaited car that will take the torch from the limited-edition LFA will land in showrooms in 2025. As we’ve previously reported, it will be powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain built around a mysterious 4.0-liter V8 engine fitted with two turbochargers. The publication adds that the coupe, whose name hasn’t been confirmed, will be launched as a regular-production model and that it will be built on a version of Toyota’s TNGA-L platform. This is the same architecture found under the LC and the LS, among models, and using these foundations should allow Lexus to keep the car’s cost in check.

Engineers could peg the hybrid system’s total output at around 700 horsepower, and Best Car reports that the car’s front end will borrow styling cues from the Electrified Sport concept (pictured) introduced in December 2021. If the report is accurate, sales will start in 2025.

Speaking of which, the Electrified Sport will make its debut with a battery-electric powertrain in 2030 at the earliest. Its design will evolve over the next eight-plus years; it sounds like what we saw in December 2021 more accurately previewed the hybrid supercar than the electric one. It could hit 60 mph from a stop in under 2 seconds, and it could offer a maximum driving range of over 430 miles. Interestingly, the same report points out that the Electrified Sport might use solid-state batteries. That technology’s not ready, but Lexus has plenty of time to fine-tune it.

On the Toyota side of the family tree, the GR GT3 concept unveiled in January 2022 is allegedly on its way to production (in one form or another) as well. It will initially spawn a race car built to GT3 specifications, as its name implies, and it will benefit from the lessons that engineers learned while designing a road-going, Le Mans-inspired hypercar that Toyota consigned to the automotive attic in August 2021. Whether the GR GT3 will be related to the LFA’s successor is up in the air, though it doesn’t take a significant stretch of the imagination to speculate that some parts will be shared. And, what hasn’t been confirmed is whether a street-legal GR GT3 will also be offered.

Best Car learned that the GR GT3 (shown above) has already started making the transition from a concept to a production model. Testing is scheduled to begin before the end of 2022, meaning the car should begin appearing in spy shots reasonably soon, and production will reportedly start in 2023. Toyota hasn’t commented on the report, and neither has Lexus. Keep your fingers crossed, enthusiasts.

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