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Pirelli don’t rule out two-stop at Bahrain GP

In a few days the new Formula 1 season will start with the Bahrain Grand Prix. The drivers have already had the opportunity to put a lot of miles on the circuit during the test days. At Pirelli they are not ruling out a two-stroke race, as Mario Isola tells us in front of the press according to Motorlat.

The differences between the test days in Barcelona and Bahrain were easy to notice. Due to the heat, the Pirelli tyres had a harder time on the rough asphalt of Bahrain. This coming weekend the teams will be able to choose between the three hardest tyres, namely the C1, C2 and C3 compound.

Pirelli will introduce the 18-inch tyres in 2022 and drivers will also participate in an official race weekend in the new cars for the first time. Indeed, the new regulations have changed a lot. In January, Pirelli boss Isola said he expected fewer two-stops during the season because the new tyres are more robust and can therefore handle more.

Pirelli does not rule out two-stops

Still, Isola expects maybe two-stoppers during the first race of the season, which should make for an exciting race. “During the tests, someone had some representative long runs so if we take that data for example, a two-stop strategy can be faster. We will have to see in the hours of the race though, as when the sun goes down the temperature is cooler. From one side, when you go faster the degradation is major but on the other, without the sun the temperature is cooler and it reduces it. So, we’ll have to see when the teams will go to their maximum. I can’t exclude a two-stop strategy.”

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