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Honda Investing $1B in Canadian Plants as Part of Electrification Plan

Honda Motor Co. will invest a little more than $1 billion into its facilities in Ontario, Canada as part of its electrification plans and push for zero emissions by 2040.

Honda Alliston assembly line 2022
Honda’s planning to invest a little more than $1 billion into its Alliston, Ontario operations to make it the center of its 2023 CR-V Hybrid production.

The goal is to make the plants in Alliston, Ontario the “lead plant” in North America for production of the 2023 CR-V Hybrid crossover, officials noted. Honda’s secured an additional $103.7 million in government funds for the upgrades.

“This represents an important milestone for Honda as we move forward in our ambitious vision to make battery electric vehicles represent 100 per cent of our North America vehicle sales by 2040,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, president and CEO of Honda Canada. 

“HCM is home to a team of remarkably talented associates who build some of Honda’s most popular and fuel-efficient products. This investment not only ensures our product and manufacturing competitiveness within Ontario, Canada and abroad, but also significantly bolsters our ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help Canada attain its overall climate targets.” 

The 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid is a longtime favorite of many. It’s getting some updates for 2023.

Push to zero emissions

Honda’s overall fleet emits the lowest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among internal combustion engine manufacturers in Canada, and new hybrid products will reduce GHGs by 30% compared to traditional gasoline powered vehicles. 

The shift to these new products aligns with Canada’s overall GHG reduction goals and Honda’s global goal of realizing carbon neutrality for its entire business, including products and operations, by 2050. 

By retooling both production lines at HCM, Honda will secure thousands of well-paying, high-quality jobs in Alliston and throughout Honda’s extensive Canadian supplier network. Financial commitments will also see a range of enhanced job training initiatives and expanded inclusive hiring practices, as well as research and development programs that further reduce environmental impacts of vehicle production. 

These investments will have a lasting and profound benefit for the Honda Canada dealer network, partnering suppliers, and the overall Canadian auto industry, including employees, their families, and the communities where they live and work.

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