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5 Ways You May Be Damaging your E-bike

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Electric bikes come with some considerable advantages over regular bicycles, thanks to their fast speeds and the pedal assistance they provide. They also offer a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to cars or motorbikes, without losing the power of a reliable, strong motor.

However, owning an e-bike means that you need to care for it properly and carefully. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a traditional bike, and its electronic motor means that a bit of extra care is needed to keep it in top condition.

If you’re worried about damaging your e-bike and expensive repairs or replacements, fear not. We’ve compiled 5 of the most common ways that people harm their e-bikes and how to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Submerging the battery and motor underwater

While e-bikes are designed to handle splashes of water, they cannot handle being fully submerged. If your e-bike is underwater for any amount of time, its battery is more likely to short out and malfunction. Avoid riding through any flooded water whenever possible, as the longer your battery and motor are underwater the more susceptible they are to damage.

  1. Not covering the battery and display when you’re travelling

If you’re travelling somewhere in your car and have your e-bike mounted on your car, then be wary of rain and moisture damaging the battery and display. If there’s any chance of it raining during your journey, cover these vulnerable areas up and protect them from any potential wet weather.

Many e-bike owners will find the safest option is simply to cover these areas no matter what, even if the forecast is dry and hot.

  1. Overcharging the battery

Overcharging your e-bike’s battery can not only shorten its lifespan but also put it at a higher risk of overheating and becoming faulty. Luckily, most e-bikes are fitted with a feature that enables them to stop charging once they reach 100%.

However, your e-bike can deplete its battery even when it’s not being used, and if left plugged in it will begin charging again once it falls below 100%. If you leave your e-bike charging for an extended period, this constant stopping and starting can damage the battery over time and lower the amount of energy it can consume. To avoid this, you can get a smart power bar which you can set to turn off remotely or after a certain amount of time using a compatible app.

  1. Not cleaning the bike and its battery points

No matter what conditions you journey through, you should always wipe down your e-bike and its battery points after every ride. This will stop dirt and debris from building up over time, extending the life of your bike and all its different components.

This will also make it easier once the time comes for you to sit down and do a real clean, which you should do about once a month for good measure.

  1. Not getting it serviced or updated

E-bikes can experience wear and tear over time just like any other vehicle, so it’s important that you get them serviced every now and then. Whether it’s the tyres getting worn out or the chains getting rusty, a good service can have your bike looking and feeling brand new again.

How often you should get your bike serviced will depend on its make and model, although it’s generally agreed that it should be done after every 1000 to 1500 kilometers travelled. Some e-bikes will even need system updates, which can be released by the developer to improve its onboard display. You should be able to find information regarding this on their website, so keep your eyes peeled for any news.

Keeping your e-bike in pristine condition is easy as long as you provide it with adequate care and maintenance. Its motor comes with improved speeds and assistance, but also more responsibility. A quick clean and regular servicing can go a long way and can mean the difference between a bike that lasts for years and one that can’t pass the test of time.

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