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Workhorse Speed Shop Unveils Stunning Indian FTR AMA Custom

Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speed Shop is a staple in the custom scene. With some truly impressive builds such as the Indian Scout-based Appaloosa sprint racer, Workhorse Speed Shop and Indian Motorcycle have a very special relationship. The newest creation to roll out of its workshop is one of the two custom Indian FTRs. The two bikes consist of the Black Swan and the FTR AMA, the latter of which has made its debut.

Workhorse Speed Shop Unveils Stunning Indian FTR AMA Custom

The Black Swan has yet to make its debut. However, it was the commissioner of that bike who requested Brice to design a second FTR for his brother. The FTR AMA was the result, and it’s truly a feast for the eyes. Employing a bright and colorful motif, its imposing stance exudes an ’80s-inspired flare. Brice’s initial decision when he started work in early February 2021 was to keep an upright riding position, similar to the original FTR, and use the bike’s stock handlebars.

A PiAA light and a Setrab oil cooler are housed behind a custom 3D printed front plate. The Indian Chief’s OEM dash was used here, since it’s a perfect match for the bike’s classic style. There are a lot of 3D-printed components in the FTR AMA. Aside from the front plate, the module that houses the seat pan and taillight is also 3D-printed, and serves as a battery holder. As a homage to endurance bikes, the battery has been relocated to the back. Long-time partner Jeroen from Silver Machine upholstered the saddle in a smooth brushed leather. Meanwhile, and the tail section is supplemented by a retro-style taillight retrofitted with LED bulbs.

On the performance side of things, the bike breathes through new DNA performance air filters. The intake was rebuilt and 3D printed, and two aluminum fuel cells were incorporated into the build. One fuel cell is housed under the tank cover, and the other one is situated under the saddle. Apart from that, Holland-based Vinco Racing modified the chassis plates for a more race-ready aesthetic, and machined them from Brice’s CAD designs. Vinco Racing handled all of the project’s machining, including swingarm parts, braking mounts, yokes, fuel cell components, front oil cooler brackets, and more.

Workhorse Speed Shop Unveils Stunning Indian FTR AMA Custom

For suspension components, the fork yokes are replicas of Bol d’Or 750cc units modified to the 43mm Öhlins forks. The tail section was modified to accomodate twin piggyback Öhlins shocks coupled to a custom swingarm made of 7020 aluminum tubes. The custom swingarm is 40mm longer than the stock unit, and features a 3D-printed chain slider.  Finally, a set of customized S&S Cycle Grand National mufflers complete the stunning dual-exit exhaust system, which was made from stainless steel pie cuts and masterfully welded together.

Workhorse Speed Shop Unveils Stunning Indian FTR AMA Custom

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