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What Happens If a Rock Hits Your Car? | Great Plains Auto Body

rock hits your car

Rock hits from the 80s are awesome. Rock hits from the road, not so much. It is common for cars to be hit by a rock from debris built up on the roads or trucks carrying rocks or gravel. In addition, other cars can kick up rocks when traveling along dirt roads that have eroded. Although the damages are often small, if a rock hits your windshield, a chip or crack can spread and cause further damage. A rock can also cause dents or paint scratches. This is why it is important that drivers know what to do if a rock hits the car or its windshield. Here are some steps that can be followed if you’re ever found in this situation.

What Happens If a Rock Hits Your Car?

Do Not Ignore It

If a rock hits your car’s windshield it can cause a small chip, which can sometimes go unseen. However, it’s important that you investigate the windshield further. If a small chip is ignored, over time it can grow into a larger crack and weaken the structural integrity of the windshield.

A small crack can grow as a result of the vibrations from driving as well as the expanding and contracting of the glass in hot and cold temperatures. If there is a small chip in the glass of your windshield, the earlier it is dealt with, the less costly it will be. It is easier and less costly for your vehicle to undergo windshield repairs as opposed to replacing the entire windshield if the crack is too big to repair.

For body damage from road debris, it is similar, but not as dangerous as auto glass damage. If there is a small chip on the body of the car, the area is more susceptible to damage from continued driving. Continued driving can cause the affected body parts to become weaker. Replacing entire parts when it is too late will also be more costly than replacing them immediately.

Take Time to Identify Any Damage

If you have seen or heard a rock hit your car, you will need to investigate further for any damages. When people are driving and hear something hit their car, they only have time for a quick glance. If they do not see anything, they will assume there is no damage and continue.

However, auto experts advise taking time to pull the vehicle over and look for any damage in the area. It is possible that there is no damage, however, it is worth it if you identify damage. If you are not quite certain, consult a professional to see if they can identify any issues, especially with the windshield.

What to do When There Is Damage

If you identify damage as a result of a rock hitting your car, it is important that you repair the damage immediately. Although there are kits available to fix windshield damage, they are not as effective as having professionals repair your windshield. For damage to the body of your vehicle, it will usually require the car owner to get expert help. More often than not, specific parts and pieces are required for proper repair. If the damage limited to a small ding, consider paintless dent repair with our skilled technicians.

Drivers should still keep an eye on their vehicle after a rock hits the car even if the damage is not extreme enough for repairs. When it comes to chips and cracks in the windshield, it will save a lot of frustration and money by having experts assist you.

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