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Adopt a Cop in Gresham Oregon

Thank You – Diego – Travis -Sabrina – Bob

Sunday was “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”. As a result, Gresham Ford wants to state our appreciation for the men and women of the Gresham Police Department.  Thankfully, the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to coordinate and facilitate our communities first Adopt-A-Cop program.  

Gresham Police Department Serves Our Community

All 113 Sworn Officers from the Gresham Police Department have been adopted by local businesses and even a few residents.  We have lots of plans to show our appreciation.  Each of our Department’s:  Sales, Service, Parts and Quick Lane have stepped up to show their appreciation and “Adopt A Cop”.  If you don’t already follow Gresham’s Finest on Facebook, I encourage it.   It highlights just some of the situations that we are so grateful and appreciative. 

Gresham Finest on Facebook

Well first let’s acknowledge that they have been working 24/7 during the entire time much of the rest of the world “sheltered in” away from potential threat of the Corona Virus.  Then there is the bank Robbery with chase and gunfire directed at officers where civilian’s lives were at risk.  On Christmas Eve they responded to a neighbor’s call that there was banging around in an apartment below him, they found an 8-year-old with no coat, nor shoes standing outside afraid to go back in due to the “intoxicated condition of his parent”. 

The officers contacted DHS, which is their job, but they also fed him breakfast went to a 7-Eleven and bought the boy Christmas Presents which is their character.  On New Year’s Day they responded to a Homicide at a local apartment complex, secured the area, a sad way to begin the year. 

And lastly, want to mention this incident that happened on December 8th, 2021 – Officers walked into a situation where the victim was wrestling with a suspect who had pinned him and a gun against a sofa.   The officers preceded carefully but forcefully to find the gun and take it from the suspect without rounds being fired, saving the victim from possible injury or death.   Also, during the past month Gresham Police Officers gathered toys for those in need, did “Shop with a Cop” and volunteered and donated to our local Food Pantry SnowCap.   

Prayers and Love to Those Who Keep the Peace

The above excerpt is from just post detailing the daily reality for our officers.  We may only have adopted four but we are thankful and appreciative of all 113 Gresham Police Officers.  In addition, I also want to mention our appreciation for their families that support them.  It takes a village.  I have known a number of Law Enforcement Professionals over the years.  Their families sacrifice differently but still deserve acknowledgement and love.

Gresham Area Chamber Adopt a Cop Program with Gresham Ford

Please join us in a month-long celebration and appreciation of Law Enforcement.   You can follow @GreshamPolice and @GrehsamAreaChamberOfCommerce to see how other local businesses and residents are acknowledging Gresham’s Finest.  If you would like ideas of what you can do, please give me a call 503-665-0102!                                                


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