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2023 Audi A6 Facelift Seen with Subtle Updates

This generation Audi A6 is likely going to be the last internal combustion A6 ever. We already know Audi is working on an A6 e-tron, which will eventually replace the current ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) A6. However, before this generation bites the dust, it will get one last update, as seen in these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)


In this new photos, we can see the 2023 Audi A6 Facelift doing some public testing and its camouflage only barely hides the subtle updates that were made. It’s not entirely surprising that Audi would want to keep updates at a minimum, as the A6 isn’t the volume seller it used to be and it’s due to be replaced altogether in just a couple of years.


However, that doesn’t mean Audi completely neglected the A6. Its grille is slightly sportier and features new horizontal grille inserts. Out back, it looks like it might have new OLED taillights, too. Though, that’s really about it. Its headlights are virtually the same, as are the lower front air intakes.


The same is likely to be said about the interior, which is almost certainly going to get a mild-at-most update. While the Audi A6 might lack in luxury and dynamics to some of its competitors, its interior is one of its best qualities; its design is sharp, materials are top-notch, and it comes with great tech. So it wouldn’t make much sense for Audi to change much — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


This current Audi A6 is a good car but not a great one. The A6 Allroad is probably the best variant here in the ‘States. So we’re not going to be too sad to see it go. Plus, the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron is going to be stunning and will pack an all-electric powertrain. That’s the future and we’re looking forward to seeing what it holds.


[Source: Motor Authority]

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