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what to expect from F1-75 car launch

Writer, journalist and great expert on Formula 1 Giorgio Terruzzi, reports on the situation of Ferrari in a recent article for Corriere della Sera, with just one day before the official presentation of the F1-75 car for the new season.

Here is the analysis made by the well-known journalist and Formula 1 expert.

“John Elkann is a Juventus fan, Mattia Binott is an Inter fan, the Ferrari F1-75 is a Milan fan. Red and black for a top-ranking livery, vaguely similar to that of the “641” which competed in the 1990 Formula 1 season, with of a rampant look and some “nocturnal” details, especially on the wings. Those who designed it are aware that they have chosen an aggressive philosophy. We will know more tomorrow when the new Ferrari, with a name in homage to Maranello’s eldest daughter, “125 S” dated 1947, will be unveiled. The ritual is a winter classic, it condenses hopes, fears and emotions, expressed on te web, according to the current trend that eliminates any real and close encounter. A highly anticipated event, however, scheduled to take place one week from the first, highly armored testing session in Barcelona (23-25 ​​February). Unlike other teams, if nothing else, it will be a true first vision, not of a mannequin, eg place for the record. A Prancing Horse with surprising shapes, precisely indicating an aerodynamics that is as unprecedented as it is original, both in terms of lines and proportions. If it goes fast immediately is less important than in the past: the important thing is that it improves a lot, well and quickly, as required by a completely new car, with the potential to be discovered within six days of work on the track between Spain and Bahrain where the second test session (10-12 March) and the first GP of 2022 (20 March) are scheduled a week later. The basic recipe is well known, dictated by a major regulation change: wider tires, weight increase, simplified aero to facilitate overtaking, ground effect. All to be applied to a car with a long development period, to be verified on the highly advanced Maranello simulator. A very sophisticated technological tool, now capable of making a difference for better or for worse in terms of the accuracy of the data. The dominant idea: to explore without fear and then modify, optimize with criteria that are in turn reformulated. The fact of coming from a long critical period seems to have generated a push towards the extreme, with the certainty of having found the power necessary to push since the first races of the season. The power units will be the sure protagonists in the coming months and here the rumors suggest that the steps forward have been made, even by risking something on the reliability front at the beginning of the championship. Will this be enough? Nobody knows. “

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“Not even at Mercedes, Honda and Renault where they have also invested energy and money on the development of engines that use fuel containing 10% ethanol. More “green” but penalizing on the power front. Estimated loss: about 20 hp, to be recovered by solving a puzzle because the greater weight and the new aerodynamics can have a significant influence on fuel consumption. This leads to the drivers, whose role will be fundamental for optimizing and understanding; to indicate to the technicians, to push very rigid and very fast cars in the corners from high gears, less willing to forgive a mistake. In this sense the pair Charles Leclerc – Carlos Sainz provides several guarantees. They get along well and go strong. They both know what it means to work for an important team, using the right foot. Both are looking for ambitious results and are in a hurry to dominate the scene. Given the colors of the new “shirt”, a haste of the devil “.

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