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What is BMW xDrive and How Does it Work?

BMW XDrive | BMW Louisville

BMW has released many new technologies in recent years. One of the latest is the BMW xDrive. It is an all-wheel-drive system that goes one step further from other all-wheel-drive systems used in previous models and other makes. What makes it so unique and a better option? What are the benefits of BMW xDrive? Learn the answer to all of your questions here.

What is BMW xDrive?

The new BMW xDrive is so much more than an AWD system. It is a new way BMW can provide the best possible traction no matter where you are driving. It enhances agility and helps you stay on track even when driving fast or going around tight curves. It is now the permanent AWD system that is offered by BMW. That means you can expect to see it in all 2020, 2021, 2022 BMW models and beyond, unless they create something better that replaces it.

How Does it Work?

When you are driving under normal circumstances, BMW xDrive will distribute power between the front and rear axles at a 40 to 60 ratio. When the driving conditions change or if the road surface changes, this ratio will change to ensure that the driver holds proper balance and control. Not only does it change for you, but it also is a virtually unnoticeable change. It happens so quickly and smoothly that you and all passengers will not feel any difference. xDrive is even able to place all of the driving forces on one axle if needed. An example of this will be if you are trying to go up a steep hill or even if you are driving on slippery surfaces and require more focus on a single axis. This provides the necessary traction to get where you need to be by placing the power on the axle that needs it and can benefit the most.

BMW XDrive  | BMW Louisville

Other Ways xDrive Reacts

The new all-wheel-drive system also does other things to provide a better driving experience and safety. When parking, if you need high maneuverability at low speed, it will open the clutch entirely for you so that the powertrain functions as it should. If you are understeering, the front axle will reduce the power. If you are oversteering, it will put more power on the front axle. Essentially, it will redistribute the power to help you drive better and provide more stability. It works so fast that you will likely never notice a difference.

Essentially, xDrive will ensure that none of your driving power is wasted because of loss in traction. The system is regulated by Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), and the sensors help monitor the road conditions. If you are interested in experiencing the difference, be sure to stop by and take a test drive of one of the new 2020 models in the showroom.

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