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Watch A Porsche Boxster Go Airborne Going Through An Intersection In Brazil

Roads are often not completely level. The wiser among us try to slow down for bumps, dips, and humps but they can sometimes be hard to see. That seems to have been the case for the driver of a Porsche Boxster in a video from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In a video posted to Instagram by Arcanjo_lg, a Boxster going through an intersection has a very bad time. Bouncing aggressively after hitting what appears to be a dip around a drainage cover, the car actually gets a reasonable amount of air, with the back wheels rising a few feet off the ground. Unfortunately for the owner of the car, that sounds like the front bumper has gotten a pretty major scrape.

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Fortunately, although the unexpected incident does cause the Boxster to veer off course a little bit, the driver does not fully lose control of the car and there’s no more damage. A small blessing, to be sure, but it seems like it was a pretty sudden and violent incident, so it does feel like a blessing.

It’s unclear if the Porsche‘s driver was speeding at all but it doesn’t seem like they were behaving irresponsibly, which can only make this more frustrating.

Either way, let this be a lesson that danger could lurk anywhere, so always keep an eye on the road ahead of you. You never know when the ground might fall out from under you, even if only briefly.


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