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New Veloqx Fangio Track Car is a Ferrari-Powered Le Mans Car From Outer Space

With heritage from Sebring and Le Mans, and a name taken straight out of F1 history, this car has quite the track record to live up to.

And it’s got a Ferrari V12 to help it do just that. The British racing team Veloqx has been radio silent for some 18 years, following a victory at 12 Hours of Sebring and a runner-up placement at Le Mans all the way back in 2004. The team is back with a new car to race in, and they have sights set on a Le Mans victory, with plans to start racing again in 2025.

The Fangio name, however, comes from a different racing legend: an Argentinian driver who won five world championships in the early days of Formula One. The car seen tested at Yas Marina currently sports a Ferrari V12, but the racing version of the car is said to be made to run on biofuel, with the goal of Veloqx’s efforts becoming carbon neutral. 

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On the Yas Marina circuit, the car’s alien and futuristic looks, intimidating V12 sounds, gargantuan built-in spoiler, and peculiar quad exhaust situated just under the rear window, it’s quite the sight to see. While the interior appears to be appropriately race car-spartan, one interesting feature is a digital tachometer and speedometer located on the passenger’s side of the dashboard, presumably so that the driver can be held accountable for what they’re putting their passenger through. 

Veloqx says that the car won’t just be seen on the track, but that there will also eventually be some road cars, and to see a car like the Veloqx Fangio out on the street would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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