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Lamborghini Accessories for Every Personality

How to make your Huracán as individual as you are

There are cars for those who want to fit in and for those who want to stand out. The Lamborghini Huracán is definitely in the latter category. Sculpted and sensual, the V-10, mid-engine Lamborghini Huracán’s design is based on the hexagonal forms of the carbon atom, which is fitting since many of the components onboard the Huracán are made from highly advanced, weight-saving carbon fiber.

Each Lamborghini is hand-built, combining advanced technology with a passion for perfection. These values not only apply to the cars, but to the creation of Accessori Originali—original Lamborghini accessories that include interior and exterior enhancements, special paint schemes, aerodynamic and performance upgrades.

For many Lamborghini enthusiasts, simply owning an exotic supercar like the Huracán isn’t enough. They want their rides to be as unique as they are. That’s why they insist on creating one-of-a-kind custom configurations for their cars that truly reflect their individuality. And Lamborghini offers a vast array of accessories to fulfill that need…

Huracán tire

Performance Accessories

Performance begins where the rubber meets the road. Lamborghini and Pirelli have teamed up to create special sport performance tires designed exclusively for your Huracán. And to go along with these tires, Lamborghini offers center lock conversion kits and super-lightweight aluminum alloy rims that give your Huracán an unmistakably aggressive look. Carbon-ceramic brakes and color-coordinated calipers complete the performance package.

Huracán aerodynamic accessories

Aerodynamic Accessories

Front louvers offer an added carbon fiber touch to the exterior of your vehicle, while the aerodynamic kit treats your Huracán to an aggressive splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. The kit also includes a race-inspired rear wing.

Huracán exterior accessories

Exterior Accessories

You can customize your Huracán and make it truly unique with a set of racing stripes and matching rear view mirrors. The kit is available in various colors designed to create an aggressive contrasting effect on all the standard paint schemes.

Huracán Interior Accessories

Interior Accessories

Light and strong, the rear arch is constructed from high-grade aluminum, adding a racing touch to your interior. This part can be painted in any color.Interior enhancements also include color-coordinated seatbelts, floor mats, even a set of matching Lamborghini luggage.

Huracán Electronic Accessories

Electronic Accessories

Electronic enhancements for your Huracán include navigation kits, sophisticated rear-view camera systems, Bluetooth kits and Track and Play, a telemetry tracking and video recording center. With Track and Play you can choose your track, then measure your performance by analyzing every aspect of your driving prowess. Acceleration, speed, gear changes, G-force, steering angle and RPMs are just some of the data that Track and Play can read, record and analyze.

The Lamborghini Huracán is the perfect fusion of technology and design. And Lamborghini accessories allow you to express your personality and individuality to the fullest, making your Lamborghini as unique as you are.

To find out more about the exciting ways to personalize your Lamborghini Huracán, contact indiGO Auto Group. Or come in and take a test drive at Lamborghini Houston.

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