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Ferrari confident new power unit will match Mercedes and Honda

Tomorrow at 2 pm, in an online event from Maranello, the new and highly anticipated Ferrari F1-75 car will be unveiled to fans. As always happens in the last stage ahead of the official presentation, the car is set up and the final touches are made, including the stickers. And as always, the expectations, the pressure, the curiosity, the excitement is high.

As reported by, there is one key zone and specific aspect that does not concern the Maranello team regarding the new F1-75 challenger: the engine. According to FIA accredited Formula 1 journalist and analyst Giuliano Duchessa, the power is there and it was important to work on a large component to improve its durability, at the expense of a slight delay in starting the car. Time will tell if they made it in time. In any case, there is still a plan B.

The technicians have long ago decided to be more aggressive with the design, regarding the ideal direction for some aerodynamic solutions. We will be able to see some of them soon, if not immediately. From what is reported, the F1-75 looks like a pretty extreme car.

There is a lot of curiosity, on the part of the technicians of the Italian team, to see it in detail and find out its real driveability in those parts of the track where it will be important to have the right chassis solutions rather than aerodynamics. The new weight balancing required a huge in-depth study, as well as continuous tests were carried out to optimize and improve the production of external materials with the budget cap. Above all, quality is in the way, previously well monitored internally, now moved off-site (suppliers have increased) and less controllable.

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Then there is a question mark regarding the new suspensions, on which Ferrari has worked (and compared) a lot because “there isn’t a much better solution, like in previous years”. Confirmation comes from previous presentations where there is a total mixing of solutions. McLaren opted for a total change with the front pull rod and the rear push rod, Alfa Romeo only at the rear (push rod). The others have remained faithful to the schemes used in recent seasons and are certainly better known. However, the three real top teams are still missing: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Regarding the livery, carbon black will used to hide some technical solutions which are more visible at the rear. In any case, we can expect the classic red, those who did not love the orange red of 2019 will be happy. The matte varnish is confirmed.

We don’t have to wait long to see it on track. Only the circuit will give the feedback that counts and will tell us if the long journey made to bring to light the 674 project will have given satisfaction and above all if it will be successful. Winning has never been easy for Ferrari, they have won a lot but not often.

Will it be competitive? It should not be forgotten that we are at the beginning of a new technical cycle so the road to truly understanding the cars will not be short, but it will rather last for months.

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