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Black Sapphire Metallic G80 M3 Competition – AST Suspension Lowering Springs & Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers

AST Suspension Lowering Springs are now available for BMW G-chassis vehicles!

AST Lowering Springs are manufactured from a premium high tensile chromium-silicone wire which is handpicked by AST engineers for its quality and metal consistency. Each spring is cold wound and then heat treated to increase hardness and reduce internal stresses present after winding. Each spring is then individually shot peened, phosphate treated and then powder coated to outlast even the life of the vehicle. These springs are engineered to work flawlessly with the stock dampers and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

This G80 M3 Competition is our first customer to receive these new springs. The front was lowered by 30mm and the rear by 15mm. 12mm spacers were installed on the front and 10mm spacers were installed in the rear. The end result is a great setup for daily driving that offers stock-like ride quality, improved looks and no rubbing!


F: 275/35-19 Prielli Zero
R: 285/30-20 Pirelli Zero

Height (OEM)

Driver Front: 63.9cm

Passenger Front: 63.5cm

Driver Rear: 63.8cm

Passenger Rear: 63.4cm

Height (AST)

Driver Front: 60.9cm

Passenger Front: 60.7cm

Driver Rear: 62.2cm

Passenger Rear: 61.6cm

Drop Height

Front : 30mm/28mm (30mm)
Rrear : 16mm/18mm (15mm)


Front: Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers – 12mm
Rear: Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers – 10mm


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