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Visa Pay at Pump pre-authorisation goes from £1 to £100

THERE is a significant change incoming for road users who use Pay at Pump services administered by Visa. The new rule changes the pre-authorised amount from £1 to £100, regardless of how much fuel you wish to buy.

Previously, Pay at Pump services would pre-authorise an amount of £1 on a customer’s card when using a Pay at Pump service. Once the fuel had been purchased, the amount of money that covers the petrol bought would be debited from their account, usually the next day. Now though the pumps will be able to pre-authorise much larger amounts, with the maximum set by Visa sitting at £100.

The new process will mean that the full amount is pre-authorised, and once the petrol pump is hung up the exact amount will be debited, charging the customer for the exact amount of fuel they purchased.

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