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New Aston Martin AMR22 analysis by Scarbs & Windsor

Craig Scarborough analyses the new F1 Aston Martin AMR22-Mercedes to be driven this year by Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll.

Filmed in the Knockout TV studios with Peter Windsor, this video also includes:

  • references to the Red Bull “launch” that DIDN”T feature a new car (00:20:20 and 16:00:09);
  • development directions of the Mercedes F1 power unit (11:30:00);
  • chat about the new gearbox/transmission regulations that may affect Mercedes and Ferrari (13:49:00);
  • and a view on suspension developments in 2022 (05:40:00)
  • and how we may be seeing more wheelbase changes as the year progresses (15:00:00)).

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