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Mitsubishi On demand @ CMH Mitsubishi Hatfield.

The most frequently asked question @ CMH Mitsubishi Hatfield in 2022 so far is “What is Mitsubishi on demand all about? The simplest answer is: It’s an online function or tool that you can use to buy and pick up your vehicle at the dealership or CMH Mitsubishi Hatfield will deliver it to your home or office.

Other features include booking a service, booking a test drive, selling your car and uploading your trade-in as well as applying for finance without visiting the F&I office, and still getting your dream car.

It is indeed the best way to buy or sell your car without exposing yourself to Covid infections as we deliver your car at the place of your convenience or send your cash straight to your account within 24 hours upon approval. The On Demand services include:

• Test-Drive On Demand, allows you to select your vehicle and book your test drive at your home or office. We come to your place of convenience for the test drive.
• Valuation On Demand, allows you to Sell or Trade-in your vehicle online. You simply need to upload your car photos and get the best offer for your vehicle.
• Service On Demand, allows you to purchase car parts or book for a service when convenient to you. Also allows you to retrieve a quote on the repairs or parts you inquired about.
• Finance On Demand, enables you to apply for finance in the comfort of your home or office. It is as simple as following a few steps and uploading your documents and you can be driving your next dream car.
• Configure On Demand, allows you to select your favourite vehicle, add extra features you may want like colour and other accessories of your choice.

Discover more about the new Mitsubishi On Demand, contact CMH Mitsubishi Hatfield on 0877248069 or email:!

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