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Hyundai IONIQ 6 Caught with Production Lights

We recently revealed new specification details of Hyundai’s IONIQ 6, like the size, battery capacity or SOP date. Now our colleagues at AutoPost show a new set of pictures and for the first time with production headlights.

What we know so far?

As you already known, the IONIQ 6 (internal codename CE) were delayed around 3 months from the original time schedule of launch and mass production (March/April 2022). The reason was Hyundai wants to improve some internal/external parts of the vehicle that were not to the taste of Chairman Mr. Eui-sun Chung.

The external changes are related to the front and rear bumpers, according to the source, the design was changed and now the car is 20mm longer, this design changes will give extra mileage.

Also Hyundai plans to introduce world’s first intelligent lightning grille (we talked about this here). Inside Hyundai will use a bigger battery pack, reaching 77,4 kWh, again looking for additional range.

On the 22nd, Hyundai Motor Company held a conference call for ‘Announcement of EV (Electric Vehicle) Strategy for the First Quarter of 2021’ and said, “We plan to sell 160,000 units of 8 different electric vehicles this year, and set a goal to expand sales to 560,000 units of 12 EV models in 2025.”

Hyundai Motor Company plans to release the IONIQ 6 (codenamed as CE), first electric sedan model during June, with production starting at Hyundai’s Asan Plan on July. The most powerful power combination, at least ay launch, will be a dual motor and All-Wheel Drive with 308 hp.

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