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How To Lease a Used Car | BMW of Freeport

Lease a used car

When it comes to car leasing, most people just assume that it has to be a new car lease. After all, the whole idea is to keep trading up your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible so that you always have a reliable and different vehicle at your fingertips. But there’s no reason why you can’t get the same reliability and convenience from a used vehicle if you lease the right one. BMW of Freeport is happy to lease our customers any of the used vehicles on our lot.

Giving Customers a Choice

BMW of Freeport is not the first dealership to lease out used vehicles. However, most dealerships will limit their inventory to only a few select vehicles for their customers, whereas we open up the whole lot to all. It’s a way of giving customers the choices they want so they’re completely satisfied from the moment they step on our property to the moment they drive away. Plus, we can also service any make or model from our lot — and our service center is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Why Lease a Used Vehicle?

Some people love to lease cars rather than buying them. Drivers see as a convenient way to always have a new (or at least relatively new) vehicle. They don’t have to deal with mechanics or worry about how they’re going to sell the car or trade it in when the time comes. But some people would rather lease a perfectly good used car over a brand new one to save a little on their monthly payments or to drive an older model they’ve had their eye on for a few years.

used car leasing

Same Rules Apply

With used car leasing, you’re never upside-down on your vehicle. Because the lease payment is linked to the depreciation, you’ll never end up owing more than the car is worth. Plus, if you’re worried about leasing a used lemon, you can rest assured that BMW of Freeport only leases the best of the best. All of our inventory has been through a thorough inspection to ensure it’s road-ready for many years to come.

A Better Arrangement

There’s nothing wrong with owning a car that you love. The problem is that owning a car means having to sell that car when the time comes. And while this may seem easy enough, the reality is anything but. Many people end up hanging onto their car far longer than they ever expected. They end up making minor repairs to it over the years that end up costing them more money than a better vehicle would. Or they become complacent with what they drive, keeping the car around because it’s convenient rather than because they love driving it.
If you need a little extra push when the time comes, leasing a car is a great way to spur you into action. You won’t have to take the car to 20 dealerships to get the best trade-in value or meet with buyer after buyer. And if you can get a great deal on a used vehicle from BMW of Freeport, then you’ll really have it all.

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