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“Analysis still going on, but will come soon”

Mohammed Ben Sulayem spoke to all the team bosses at the F1 Commission Meeting in London yesterday. The newly appointed President of the FIA is pleased with the topics discussed and states that good initial decisions have been made that are in the best interest of the future of Formula 1

Among other things, what was discussed were the sprint races for 2022, how the points should be distributed at a time when a Grand Prix has to be stopped prematurely and the position of Michael Masi and the handling of the final laps in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, a complete report on the last mentioned point is not yet available, but its completion will not take very long.

Ben Sulayem keeps it vague

“Analysis is still going on but it will come soon, but it was a good discussion there so we will see,” Ben Sulayem told Sky Sports. “Information will be announced but the integrity of the FIA will always be intact and we elected to do that, but also to have a fair motorsport, that’s my duty, so it was a very good meeting.” He doesn’t want to release more than this about it.

The 60-year-old top executive from the United Arab Emirates is happy with the first steps taken and is looking forward to a great Formula 1 year. “We can only go forward, this is important for the FIA, for the integrity of the FIA and for the sport, so we can only improve the future”, he concludes. On March 18, the results of the investigation into the closing laps in Abu Dhabi will be revealed to fans.

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