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Way-too-early 2022 driver power rankings

Formula 1

Formula 1 (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Having looked at the might of the manufacturer, we shift focus to the talent behind the wheel. Who will adapt best to the 2022 Formula 1 season?

After determining which Formula 1 manufacturers could be in the best position to succeed in 2022, we now look at the 20 drivers seeking to capitalize on the opportunity of a more leveled field for their chance at a world championship.

A mix of characters spanning generations of regulations as well as potentially the most promising crop of youthful driver talent in the sport’s history, every element of a storybook season is present to offer a sequel worthy of the epic two-man battle of the 2021 season.

To evaluate these drivers, there will be no consideration towards their manufacturer and potential to develop a car superior to those around them. What will be considered regarding the new regulations though is each driver’s potential transition from the smooth aero-dependent driving style of the 2021 cars to the likely far twitchier and “on-edge” driving style of the 2022 Formula 1 equipment.

Some of the criteria that will be used to evaluate and rank each driver are:

  • Performance last season
  • How well a driving style (prospectively) meshes with the new cars
  • Experience within cars pre-2017

All drivers will be vaguely familiar with the profile of the car from their experience in the simulator, but winter testing will be the crucial point in which drivers are able to hone their craft within their manufacturer’s creation.

Hence, time on track in both Barcelona and Bahrain will be hefty factors on the individual success of each driver. With that said, how will each Formula 1 driver handle the challenge of 2022? We rank them from #20 to #1.

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