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Registrations For The 11th Annual Giant Loop Ride Are Now Open

Giant Loop has officially opened registrations for its annual Giant Loop Ride slated to happen from June 3 to 5, 2022. This is the 11th year and counting of this epic two-wheeled adventure, and it’s open to both riders and non-riders alike. Giant Loop promises tons of prizes and goodies for participants. If you’re interested in joining, be sure to register as soon as possible as slots are running out fast.

The Giant Loop Ride will be held in the beautiful Crane Hot Springs in Oregon, and will have the area’s breathtaking desert landscape front and center. With tons of events, loads of rides, and hundreds of like-minded folks, you’re guaranteed to have a blast in the 2022 Giant Loop Ride. If you wish to register, be sure to visit Giant Loop Moto’s official website in the source links below.

Participants will receive GPS-mapped tracks with several options to choose from depending on their skill level and the type of motorcycle they ride. Two nights of hot spring camping, two dinners and two breakfasts, a Giant Loop Ride t-shirt, and Giant Loop Ride Zigzag handlebar bag all await the participants of this epic event. All street-legal motorcycles regardless of configuration are welcome to attend the Giant Loop Ride. Of course, adventure and enduro riders will benefit the most, as they’ll be able to make the most of the area’s off-road focused landscape. Sportbike and naked bike riders will, however, surely enjoy the twisty roads.

Registrations For The 11th Annual Giant Loop Ride Are Now Open

Participants have the choice to ride their own routes or choose from a variety of predetermined routes. You can ride alone or with a group, and all routes are open to riders if all skill levels. Should you wish to register, simply visit Giant Loop Moto’s website and fill up the application form. You’ll have to pay a refundable deposit, the amount of which depends on your selections. You have until April 30 to register. Should you change your mind, you can avail of a refund until March 30, 2022.

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