Motorcycles to be banned from street parking in Stratford

ROWS of motorcycles parked up on the waterside in Stratford is a familiar sight for many people who visit the market town in the summer.

Equally familiar will be the hoards of hungry and thirsty bikers, enjoying the bars, restaurants, and shops in what is one of the UK’s prettiest and most famous towns.

Those bikes and the people that ride them might be visiting Stratford and its famous waterside park in much smaller numbers in years to come, as the local council puts in place a ban on bikes parking on the waterside altogether.

Instead of lining up in the sun near the shops and bars, the council has created a 160-strong motorcycle parking area at Bridgeway multistorey carpark. The new parking area is around 200 metres from the area where bikes used to congregate, and CCTV is being provided along with 30 ground anchors.

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