F1 engineers ‘want Michael Masi sacked and Max Verstappen stripped of world title’ ahead of 2022 season

F1 engineers want Max Verstappen to be stripped of the 2021 world title, according to a claim made by CEO William Storey. He also suggested they want race director Michael Masi to lose his job

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Max Verstappen ‘recharged’ ahead of new F1 season

F1 engineers believe Max Verstappen should be stripped of his title and Michael Masi should lose his job, it has been claimed.

The sport’s race director’s controversial decision had a direct impact on the final race of the 2021 season in favour of the Dutchman, who won his maiden world title.

Outspoken co-founder and CEO of Rich Energy William Storey claimed he held a meeting with F1 engineers recently, in which he appeared to disclose how they felt about last season’s title decider.

The energy drinks company previously became the sponsor of the Haas F1 team ahead of the 2019 season but their partnership was terminated.

Max Verstappen won his first F1 world title in 2021 in controversial circumstances



“Dinner with some F1 engineers this eve. All admit Lewis Hamilton was robbed & Masi should be fired & decision reversed,” Storey tweeted.

“Privately also looking forward to the Rich Energy return.”

Hamilton was en route to a record eighth championship when Williams driver Nicholas Latifi crashed several laps before the end of the title decider at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last December.

Masi initially instructed that lapped cars could not overtake the safety vehicle until it left the track, meaning there would not have been time for Verstappen to get behind his rival.

However, Masi later controversially changed his mind, allowing the cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves before ordering the safety car off the track.

Therefore, the 24-year-old could get on the British driver’s tail before overtaking him in a one-lap shootout, benefiting from driving on far newer tyres.

There were still more cars that should have been able to unlap themselves, according to the rules.

If these rules had been followed, then the race would likely have finished behind a safety car as it was the final lap, and as Hamilton was in the lead, he would have been crowned champion.

During an interview with The Guardian earlier this month, Verstappen remained unfazed by the investigations surrounding his championship win.

“Yeah, but they can’t do anything,” he remarked.

Many feel Michael Masi should lose his job after his role in the F1 title decider last month


Formula 1 via Getty Images)

When asked if his title was tainted, the Red Bull star then added: “Not at all.

“I had a very good season and I think I really deserved it.

“I have been really unlucky as well. People always remember the last race but, if you look at the whole season, the championship should have been decided way earlier.”

Verstappen will win get the chance to defend his championship when the new campaign commences in Bahrain on March 20.

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