Ride-Tracking App Rever Integrates Road Hazard Warnings

Navigation map apps have evolved over the years. Among the current apps, Waze made a name for itself with user-reported hazards, construction, and accidents. When ride-tracking app Rever hit the market, it presented a new navigation app alternative for motorcycles and bicyclists. Similar to Waze, the Comoto-owned app is integrating user-reported road hazards to help keep riders safe.

To implement the new technology, Rever turned to Charles River Analytics (CRA) to establish the BARRACUDA (Bolstering Awareness with Real-Time Rider Alerting and Cueing for Upcoming Danger Avoidance) system. The feature will allow Rever users to safely identify and report potential hazards.

“We like to think of BARRACUDA as the Waze for motorcyclists, but with a heightened emphasis on safety,” explained Rever VP of Mobile Operations Justin Bradshaw. “Access to our millions of powersports enthusiasts allowed us to work with our partners to create a comprehensive, user-powered platform that warns riders of road hazards. This addresses a huge need for our community and we’re thrilled to be a part of the team bringing this technology to life.”


While the new features will help inform and protect the Rever riding community, the company knows that the new technology can’t be a distraction either. For that reason, users can interact with the system via voice commands and button-based controls.

In addition to the new system, Rever and CRA are also working with tech company Everysight to develop the BARACUDA technology into a heads-up display (HUD) unit. Along with gesture, voice, and controller-based interactions, the HUD systems will keep riders focused on the road with audio and visual alerts.

The BARACUDA system is already available to Android Rever users and an iOS version is currently in beta testing.

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