CX Air Dynamics Releases Easyrider Airbag Over-Trouser Pants

Dainese introduced the first airbag vests in 1995 and Alpinestars wasn’t far behind, debuting their version in 2001. While motorcycle racers used the new protective gear far more than road riders, airbag vests and jackets have gained popularity in the consumer market more recently. Despite nearly 30 years of airbag gear development, no brand has applied the technology to trousers.

Until now, that is, as French gear maker CX Air Dynamics launches the first airbag pants with the Easyrider trousers. After successfully hosting a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank in November, 2020, the firm was able to mass-produce the new airbag pants.

CX Air Dynamics constructs the Easyriders from water-repellent and abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric. Numerous air bladders line the interior and Poron XRD foam at the knees and hips diffuse 90 percent of impact energy while maintaining the rider’s range of motion.

CX Air Dynamics Easyrider Pants
CX Air Dynamics Easyrider Pants - Inflated

Instead of relying on complex algorithms and rechargeable units, the leashed airbag system uses a strap and carabiner for users to latch to their motorcycle or scooter. If that tether is severed, however, the airbag units inflate in less than 200 milliseconds. Should the user trigger the airbag deployment, easy access to the compressed air cartridge ensures that riders can quickly replace the canister and get back on the road.

The Easyriders come in unisex sizes S-XXL, but the airbag pants are meant to be worn as over-trousers, so customers should refer to the brand’s size chart before purchasing. Luckily, the Velcro adjustment straps at the ankles and waist allow riders to customize the fit. At €599 (≈$680 USD), the airbag pants are on par with airbag vests and jackets currently on the market.

With the release of Alpinestars’ latest TechAir lineup, the airbag gear segment continues to grow, and CX Air Dynamics’ Easyrider trousers are taking the tech to the next frontier.

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