Why the BMW i4 will convert Petrolheads to Electric


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At ~5000 lbs its not converting anybody besides 0-60 BMW badge enthusiasts.

The truth shall set you all free.

Electric cars may be the future for us all but are they the future that makes the most sense? Are they the most efficient means of transportation? Nope, not a chance to both.

Begin after dinner drinks rant. Define the problem. To many cars, yes. To many fossil fuel based dependent cars, yes. The suggested solution to these problems is to create more cars that are dependent on something else? In the US we’ve become slaves to our cars and slaves to traffic. We’ve created a car culture out of necessity. My condo has almost zero green spaces because those spaces are completely filled with concrete for our cars. And the few green spaces we have, in 50 years will be filled with charging stations and power plants to charge all of our cars? In the morning we all get up around the same time to go to work, well at least those of us who are les dependent on the govt. it’s impossible in this country to survive without a car. That’s the problem. Urban development trapping us in a car dependent living quarter, that’s the problem. Super blocks, public transportation, trains, busses and better city planning, that’s the solution. To solve a problem by adding to it will never solve anything. Spending 6 figures for a car who’s main function is to take you to work is the problem. There are a few countries across the pond who are and have figured it out but we’re just to busy keeping up with the Jones’s and accepting every piss poor solution to see what the problem actually is. I love my cars but if things were different I could easily thin the herd. I bought a second car because I didn’t like stacking up the miles on my gun car. I think to myself every day how stupid and ridiculous that is but I’m a slave and that’s life.

Back to after dinner drinks. Let the bashing commence.

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