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The Best ADV Touring Boots in 2022


As adventure touring riders, we demand the best when it comes to our boots.


We need boots that are protective enough to keep us safe, with protection from the toe all the way to the shin and calf. We need boots that are waterproof to keep our feet dry, yet able to handle 90 degree days without being uncomfortably sweaty. We need boots with a solid shank for support while standing on the bike yet comfortable enough to walk and explore the areas we travel through. Most importantly, we need to be able to wear these boots for days on end while traveling!

We’ve made the search for the perfect ADV boot a bit easier, with our list of the top 10 ADV touring boots in 2022. These boots are listed in no particular order. You can easily click the photos to shop the products.




The Forma Adventure boots are designed specifically for ADV riders combining comfort and flexibility of a road boot with the protective features of an off-road boot. They use a drytex waterproof liner to keep your feet nice and dry. Once broken in, these boots are incredibly comfortable for long days on or off the bike. They come in a tall version (pictured above) and a shorty version.






Klim has designed the Adventure GTX boot with a balance of rider protection, weather protection, and comfort in mind. They use a Gore-Tex membrane to keep you dry while maintaining breathability. This boot uses the unique BOA Fit System for fine tuning the adjustment of the boot shaft. The boot also has a moisture wicking liner and gel-stable insole for comfort. In the package they also include a spare Ortholite insole and a half size fit insert for fine adjustment of the boot’s fit. The boot has reinfoced shin and shifter places as well as reinforced segments of the outsole where the footpeg makes contact.





The Rev’It Expedition H2O takes Hydratex laminated to the shell of the boot to reduce bulk and the pooling of water to avoid heat loss from thermodynamics. Ankle mobility is increased using the Dynamic Support Frame hinge system. The Vibram sole offers ample support for standing on the pegs. This boot also uses the BOA system like the Klim Adventure GTX to ensure the perfect fit. These boots are a bit taller than most others, offering maximum protection to the shin and calf.



The G-Adventure is very similar to the Forma Adventure, offering slightly less protection than some of the others on this list. However, they are extremely comfortable for wearing during extended periods of time. Gaerne uses a lightweight full grain leather so these boots will last quite a long time.





The TXC Drifter boots are grippy and flexible enough to make shifting, walking, and hiking off the bike a breeze. Waterproof lining keeps your feet dry and the suede inner calf lining ensures you can grip the frame of the bike with ease when needed. They use leather throughout and have 6060 aluminum buckle closures along with polyurethane shin plate reinforcement.





The Sidi Adventure 2 boot is probably the most protective option on this list. They use the Sidi ankle flex system, common on many of their off-road boots, which offers excellent ankle protection from impact as well as hyper flexibility. They also feature a special achilles protector and other TPU plates to make this boot resistant to almost any kind of harsh condition. They are designed for maximum protection, but also maximum comfort – they don’t feel bulky and the break in period is quick. This boot also features a full height Gore-Tex gaiter, which now extends 3 inches higher up the shaft for increased waterproofing – especially for cold water crossings. Sidi fits a more narrow footbed and is some of the highest quality construction we have seen.

These are our RoadRUNNER staff pick! 




The Toucan GTX is Alpinestars answer to ADV riding conditions. They feature a waterproof Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. They are a fully CE certified boot incorporating full leather and suede. They use a lateral ankle protection system for maximum flexibility and protection. They use an advanced TPU design for the protection layers, internal heel counter, and toe box which enhances the rigidity of the boot. They use a fully removable anatomically profiled EVA foam footbed for comfort. These are a great option for boots, but it has been our experience that they may not last as long as some of the other options on this list.






The BMW Venture Grip boots use a full grain oiled cowhide leather which breaks in over time for a very comfortable boot that will last for many years. The climate membrane ensures the boot is weather proof, so you can ride any time of year. They also feature a removable antibacterial insole. These boots use a TPU material for the protection zones around the ankle, toe, and shin and extra foam padding is placed around the ankle for comfort.



The Terra EVO bridges the gap between a dirt boot and a touring boot. The upper construction is an oiled full grain leather and TPU protection zones cover the shin, side of the leg, and the toe. They use a FCS angle support system for mobility and comfort. They are waterproof and have removable anti bacterial insoles.



The Balanced Oiled Trials boots aren’t exactly an ADV designed boot, but they deserve an honorable mention. These boots offer less protection than the other boots on this list as they don’t have any type of armor on the typical impact zones like the ankle or toe. However, they do have a TPU molding along the shin to keep those pesky footpegs or cylinder guards from hitting your shin. These boots do not have a solid shank either, so standing up on small factory pegs for long periods of time will become tiring (thank goodness for peg extensions). However, these boots are fantastic for touring riders who want to do light duty ADV exploration. They are so comfortable, you could hike miles in them the first time you wear them. They are completely waterproof, and the full grain leather really holds up over years of riding and abuse. Marisa (our resident marketing guru) claims to have had a pair of these boots for 11 years and they are still going strong!





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