Norris ‘committed’ even if McLaren takes step back in F1 2022 | F1

On Wednesday, Norris signed a new contract with McLaren to keep him at the Woking outfit until 2025.

Norris was one of F1’s star performers in 2021 with several podium finishes and a maiden pole position which secured him sixth in the drivers’ championship.

F1 has introduced entirely new technical regulations for this season with the pecking order completely unknown.

Even if McLaren fails to deliver this year, Norris is confident it will turn it around hence why committed his long-term future to the team.

“I knew there was a chance or an opportunity for other teams to make big steps forward and maybe we go backwards but I don’t think that’s something I am worried about,”  Norris said. 

“I am confident in the team that we can still have a good season this year and whatever happens this year doesn’t mean we will be struggling for the next five, 10 years. I have belief even if we have a tougher year this year – I don’t think we will and I am confident we won’t – the next two years or three years when we get the wind tunnel up and running, we can make that progress we need and I am confident we can back towards the front, even more so than what I hoping for this year. 

“There are things here and there like there’s in every person’s contract but in terms of my commitment, it’s very high. I am very confident I will be here for the next four years.”

Norris reiterated that there’s a “heavy commitment” from both sides.

“Of course in every contract there are various things but in terms of my one for the next four years, there’s a heavy commitment from my side to just commit to doing what I want to do and achieving stuff with the team,” he added. 

“In doing so and especially coming into this year, the logical thing or the thing a lot of people would think is to stay with my previous contract which would have ended the next year or whatever when we’re so early in this new era of cars and new regulations.”

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