‘Ferrari more wind tunnel time than Red Bull and Mercedes’

With the 2022 rule changes, a lot could change at the top of the grid, but Anthony Davidson expects Red Bull Racing and Mercedes to still compete at the front in the new season. Still, Davidson thinks the two teams may find it more difficult due to a strong return from Ferrari.

As Mercedes’ simulator driver, Davidson is in a unique position, having already had a taste of the new car. “I have a feeling that Ferrari are going to be pulling themselves back into the mix this year. I think they’ve put a lot of time and effort into this year’s car”, the Briton tells Sky Sports. Red Bull and Mercedes may therefore have to reckon with a new rival in the title fight.

Ferrari has big ambitions for the upcoming season. Because the Italian team did not compete for the championship last season, it has had more time to focus on the development of the new car. According to Davidson, it is easier to focus on other tasks when you are not in the championship mix.

Benefit for Ferrari?

“They’ve also had nearly 10 per cent more time allowed to spend in the wind tunnel over the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes, which is a significant amount while teams are finding big gains with these new cars”, the F1 expert continues. Big aerodynamic differences are expected between the teams, so it will be exciting to see which team has made the right moves. Yet despite last year’s fierce title battle, Red Bull and Mercedes will also have put a lot of time into developing the new car.

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