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Butts Quarry Motocross Track Prepares for Court Battle

IT’S a story that is nearly as old as the motorcycle itself: people move next to a racetrack that has been there for years and complains about the noise.

And more often than not when this happens, the authorities side with the Nimby neighbours and uphold their complaints. We can only hope that isn’t the case here, as one of Britain’s best-loved and oldest motocross and enduro facilities is set to do battle in court after complaints from neighbours over motorbike noise.

The owners of Butts Quarry are preparing for a judicial review next month, something that they hope will overturn a noise abatement order served by North East Derbyshire District Council.

To fight against the closure, the owners of the track are pouring all their resources into the appeal process, with Jennifer Dring (the track’s co-owner) estimating the cost at around £45,000 – equivalent to an entire year’s worth of trading.

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