Free Video Downloader Watch Sick Week Presented by Gear Vendors Live Stream HERE

Watch Sick Week Presented by Gear Vendors Live Stream HERE – Day 4 South Georgia Motorsports Park!

Watch Sick Week Presented by Gear Vendors Live Stream HERE – Day 4 South Georgia Motorsports Park!

Time for Day 4 of the first ever Sick Week presented by Gear Vendors Overdrive! This week has been intense, at times insane, and today is the pivotal day to set the stage for the grand finale tomorrow. Racers who succeed at SGMP just need to drive safely back to Bradenton and prepare for one last assault on the quarter mile. As we all know, it ain’t that easy, right?

Watch all the action from today right here on the Motion Raceworks live streaming coverage!


After yesterday’s rainout at Orlando, the herd of insane street cars mogated their way to Gainesville, Florida to get ready for day three. The rain day stunk for robbing a competition day from the group but it aided some competitors who needed to lick their wounds and make their hot rods right again. Despite the lack of racing, there was still plenty to get accomplished with the drive, multiple checkpoints to hit, and maintenance to be done.

Day three should start out fast. The weather today in Gainesville is super conducive to making power and the density altitude when things kick off should be nearly 1,000ft into the minshaft! That means loads of cool dense air to feed these engines and it means if the tuneup is off, look out below! Loads of the heaviest hitters are out, but a brace of six second cars remain.

Enjoy Day 3 of Sick Week live, right here!



And so it begins. The first event of the 2022 Drag and Drive calendar may well be the most anticipated one ever. Tom Baily and Sick the Mag have been toiling hard over organizing this event for the last year and the end result is a buzz factory the likes of which few people have ever seen in this genre of the sport. Working with Rick Johnson of Gear Vendors Overdrives as the presenting sponsor and Doug Cook of Motion Raceworks as the sponsor of the live streaming coverage, you are going to be able to see all the runs, all the madness, and all the speed as the event kicks off and weaves through the Southeastern United States.

Bailey has said loudly that his intention is to run 5s at every track and set a week average in the five second bracket. If so, it will be the first time anyone has ever done such a thing and frankly it stands as the most massive remaining performance barrier to be broken in this form of drag racing competition.

The event has attracted big names from the Drag and Drive world, automotive internet influencers, and some of the hardest core endurance drag racers that the genre of the sport has created since the beginnings of drag week in 2005.

Press play below to watch!

Press play below to watch day one of Sick Week 2022 presented by Gear Vendors –

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