Aston Martin set out their expectations for the 2022 season

Aston Martin feel that they are in a position to seize opportunities in the upcoming F1 season as of a wave of new technical regulations come into effect.

The team were amongst the first to launch their 2022 challenger this week, following on from Red Bull’s event the day before, and Performance Director Tom McCullough admits there is still a lot to learn and adapt to with the new generation of cars.

“All the teams and all the drivers will be addressing a new set of regulations, so having the ability to learn and adapt will be crucial,” McCullough said.

“It throws something new into the mix and we will be generating vast amounts of critical data when the new cars, fitted with 18-inch tyres, take to the track for the first time.

“How we deal with that will be a test of where we are as an organisation.”

Where will Aston Martin place in the pecking order?

Aston Martin ended the 2021 season in seventh in the Constructors’ Championship, having struggled more in comparison to 2020, when they finished the year fourth in their former guise as Racing Point.

There is some uncertainty about the pecking order in 2022 due to the new regulations, and McCullough is expecting some familiar names to be at the front.

However, he also feels confident about Aston Martin’s prospects.

“The new rules mean that everyone will be starting with a relatively clean sheet of paper,” McCullough explained.

“You have to suspect that those teams that have been winning recently will start as favourites, but if any team gets a handle on something vital before the rest that could make a crucial difference.

“I have no doubt that we are in position, on and off track, to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.”

Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll will both race for the team again in 2022.

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