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“The 2022 regulations are like no other!” – Aston Martin’s Chief Technical Officer

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team officially launched their AMR22 Thursday afternoon, with the event taking place at the team’s global headquarters at Gaydon, UK.

Incredibly it does appear that Aston Martin have in fact become the first team to reveal their actual 2022 challenger, not just their livery! Many wondered if Aston Martin would follow in Uralkali Haas and Oracle Red Bull Racing’s footsteps, and only reveal their livery, Aston Martin clearly thought otherwise.

The AMR22 includes a radical aerodynamic design philosophy as prescribed by the new technical rules designed to deliver more competitive racing. An updated car livery adds further aggression with lime details blended across a refined version of the traditional green livery.

Aston Martin’s Chief Technical Officer Andrew Green, believes that no one has all the answers to the new regulations but believes it will bring new opportunities.

“The 2022 regulations are like no other that have gone before: a radical change of direction in both concept and application, probably the most significant change of chassis regulations ever implemented, with an incredibly small amount of carry-over from 2021 into 2022. As a direct result of that, the past winter has undoubtedly been the toughest we have ever had. But with new regulations come new challenges and new opportunities.

“No one has all the answers to maximising the new regulations, so it is all about avoiding development cul-de-sacs, and that was the key message to our design team. It is a huge challenge, but everyone has risen to the task, and we are motivated to solve the many questions that have and continue to arise during the development process. All that while operating under the new cost cap regulations and more restrictive aerodynamic development restrictions.

“The AMR22 we see is our ‘first’ iteration under these new regulations. It will evolve dramatically over the coming months as we run the cars for real and begin to understand the challenges involved. That will, in turn, forge the direction for 2023 and beyond.”

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