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SW-MOTECH Announces Harley-Davidson Pan America Accessories

It’s not every day that an iconic cruiser marquee such as Harley-Davidson launches a completely new, from the ground up adventure motorcycle. And in 2021, The Motor Company was also promising big things in their new full-size large displacement ADV machine. The all-new Pan America went straight into a highly competitive segment with never-before-seen features like adaptive ride height and an entirely new engine, the Revolution Max.

In the wake of an impressive marketing campaign, interest and speculation about the bike leading up to the launch was enormous. Despite being tapped by Harley-Davidson to manufacture bespoke hard luggage for the Pan America, SW-MOTECH had no more idea what to expect from this new motorcycle than anyone else.

Twelve months after its debut, it is safe to say that the Pan America’s performance and popularity have surpassed all expectations. Meanwhile, SW-MOTECH has been hard-at-work developing a complete offering of premium ergonomic, protection, and additional luggage accessories to supplement the hard cases available from Harley-Davidson.

SW MOTECH PanAmerica all

SW-MOTECH had to wait for the bike to be produced, purchase one and get it into their R&D workshop in Germany to commence the prototyping process for its own parts. With pandemic-related production and global shipping delays, this was no small feat, but SW-MOTECH is now announcing a collection of upgrades and accessories for the Harley-Davidson Pan America.


The products will start to become available to customers in Europe this spring, with the full line in stock by summer. Distribution through SW-MOTECH USA in Portland, OR will begin this summer. Many universal and TRAX ADV hard luggage accessories that fit the Harley Davidson aluminum cases are available now.

TRAX ADV Accessories

SW-MOTECH manufactures the Harley-Davidson premium hard luggage for the Pan America, exclusively available through Harley-Davidson dealers. However, there is also a whole host of SW-MOTECH accessories for their panniers and top cases that fit Harley Davidson’s hard cases and are perfect companions to get the most out of the luggage. This includes TRAX ADV lid organizers, lid nets, inner bag liners, bottle holders and expansion cases. The full selection will be available at

Tank Bags

The ingenious SW-MOTECH PRO Tank Ring System is becoming available for the bike this month. The model-specific tank ring will enable riders to conveniently mount a selection of the new PRO Tank Bags to the Pan America, including the new fully waterproof PRO Yukon WP or the larger upcoming PRO City WP.

The PRO Tank Ring System uses the innovative Fidlock magnet system to guide the mechanically locking rings into alignment for quick, easy and secure one-handed attachment of the tank bag to the bike.


To protect the critical components of the Pan America and make sure riders don’t become stranded, SW-MOTECH has developed their proven crash bars for the bike. The robust bars are bent and welded from high-quality steel with a beefy 27 mm (1 inch) outside diameter for the main bar and 22 mm (7/8 inch) for the support arms. The bars have been designed to blend seamlessly into the Pan America’s lines, protect critical components and provide a convenient attachment point for additional accessories such as the DryBag 80 or EVO lighting upgrades.

SW MOTECH PanAmerica crash bar

Additional protection accessories include axle sliders, header pipe guard, heel guards, EVO lighting guards and a brake fluid reservoir guard.

SW MOTECH PanAmerica protection

Ergonomics & Safety

Pan America riders can also choose to improve their connection with the motorcycle. SW-MOTECH will be offering handlebar risers, an adjustable shift lever and their EVO foot pegs. The sidestand foot extension and easy to install centerstand offer improved footing for the bike and EVO lighting solutions help point the way.

SW MOTECH PanAmerica footpeg

Universal Products

 In addition to the bike-specific parts, there are plenty of other solutions already available for the Pan America owners. A series of Drybags in various volumes can be secured to the bike’s tail rack, rear seat or crash bars. The Drybag 260, 350 and 600 can connect to each other and the Drybag 80 is a versatile smaller bag that works perfectly on crash bars.

Several SW-MOTECH PRO Tail Bags have been tested to fit the Pan America and make a great supplement to standard side luggage. They are also perfect for commuting with the convenient, patented, one-handed lashing strap system.

SW MOTECH PanAmerica Rackpack

The PRO Seat Ring allows for flat-bottomed tank bags like the PRO Micro, PRO Daypack or PRO Yukon WP (waterproof) to be used as a tailbag on the passenger seat.

SW-MOTECH also makes complete kits and interchangeable components for mounting a phone or GPS device for navigation. The SW-MOTECH T-Lock system provides a secure mount for the device but allows a single-handed, simple mounting and removal process for the rider.

Visit  to see the complete list of SW-MOTECH Pan America accessories. Check back later for availability updates and pricing.


SW-MOTECH offers a wide variety of adventure, sport-touring, retro, and cruiser motorcycle accessories. Some of its most popular products include TRAX aluminum hard luggage, the patented QUICK-LOCK “tank ring” system, and premium crash bars. Engine guards, skidplates, ergonomic parts, and many other premium accessories are also available for most current motorcycle models. The complete product line will be found under where customers will be able to enter make and model information to find a tailored list of all products available for their specific motorcycles. SW-MOTECH started in 1994 when a mechanical engineer built a tail tank for his Africa Twin for a motorcycle tour to Libya. Many motorcyclists were subsequently interested in the tank, and so a dream trip was made a reality and a business idea was born. The company was officially founded in 1999. SW-MOTECH stood for competence in metalworking, for the first removable carrier in the world, for crash bars, for centerstands. Later the company partnered with soft luggage specialist BAGS-CONNECTION, and quickly came up with the idea for the tank ring and attachment of hovering tank bags using the popular QUICK-LOCK feature. Today more than 300 people bring their technical know-how and passion to the development, production, and distribution of premium accessories which are sold in 65 countries worldwide.

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