Carlos Sainz describes new Ferrari F1-75 car as “maximum innovation”

Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz was recently interviewed by Daniele Sparisci and Giorgio Terruzzi for Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. Here is the first part of Charles’ interview:

The new Ferrari car is ready for its debut. And Carlos Sainz?
Carlos Sainz: “Also. I did an intensive training session in January, between athletics and simulator. This week I’m focusing on body work and nutrition to be one hundred percent ready at the first tests”.

We are curious: what adjectives would you use to describe the F1-75?
Carlos Sainz: “Different from the cars we have seen in recent years. Innovative to the maximum!”

Is it true that the new cars are different to drive?
Carlos Sainz: “Until last year we drove the best cars in the history of F1, if you lost control for a moment, you would crash. This Ferrari seems even more responsive to me, the suspension is stiffer, we’ll have to get used to handling it. If the new car is easy to drive, everything comes out faster, the lap times almost come by themselves. Then you have to compare the data with others. I don’t think the first test in Barcelona will be enough, but in Bahrain we’ll have some reliable data.”

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The F1-75 is forced to win. How is the atmosphere?
Carlos Sainz: “Full of energy and positivity. The experience of last year has done us all good. In the corridors in Maranello, I see people smiling, toned up, confident. I don’t see stress, I see a desire to do well.”

One year ago, at the Ferrari presentation, Charles Leclerc asked you: “Do you really think you can beat me?” You replied, “No.” Was it a lie or just pretactic?
Carlos Sainz: “It was a logical answer. Just arrived, a lot to learn, a very strong teammate. However, even then I believed in it, trust is never lacking, but I have to be realistic. Drivers like Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton have no weak sides. The comparison takes place by improving every detail and it is fun to have a partner like this: you learn by observing.”

With chess and golf, how is the challenge with Charles Leclerc going?
Carlos Sainz: “In chess, the battle is tight, even though Charles says he’s stronger than me. In golf, I have the advantage because I play more than him. He prefers padel or football, I don’t know why.”

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