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Voge 650 DSX adventure motorcycle announced for UK

THE second adventure motorcycle to land in the UK from the Loncin-owned brand is landing on UK shores, as the Voge 650 DSX is announced for the UK market.

Like the 500DS we reported on in the summer of last year, the 650 DSX is a middleweight adventure machine, unlike the 500DS, its aspirations are much more swaying towards the off-road side life.

Voge 650 DSX adventure motorcycle features and details

Powering the bike is a 652cc, 47bhp single-cylinder engine that enables the machine to sail in just under the A2-compliant limit. The move to a one-pot thumper makes the Voge a slightly leftfield and somewhat interesting proposition in the market – a market that is flooded with multi-platform parallel twin-cylinder adventure motorcycles.

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