Thieves Steal One-Of-A-Kind Jacket From Icon 1000 Headquarters

Icon Motorsports has a style all its own. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Oregon-based brand has you covered. From gnarly helmet designs to brightly colored jackets to vintage-inspired motocross boots, the Icon style helps riders stay safe while also expressing themselves. As a result, countless motorcyclists flock to Icon with every new season drop.

Unfortunately, the sought-after gear also attracts thieves, as Icon Motorsports recently found out following a recent break-in at the company’s Portland headquarters. The firm announced the burglary to its Instagram followers in a February 9, 2022, post. In the description, Icon notes that the perpetrators used a “new silver (Chevrolet) Silverado” during the theft and alludes to the thieves making off with several pieces.


Among those pieces is a one-of-a-kind Icon 1000 Metal God jacket. Like most of the brand’s lineup, the aptly-named jacket is a head-turner, with various buckles along the cuffs, a laced chest and back panels, and metal skulls bedazzling the sleeves and shoulders. Despite those elements, the large printed skulls at the chest, sleeves, and back grab the eye first.

While the Metal God jacket was a standard production model in Icon’s 2010 catalog, the one-of-one example recently stolen features black printed skulls at the chest and sleeves instead of the white skulls found on the consumer model. For that reason, the post goes on to state that “Mr. Icon” himself (founder Kurt Walter) would like the coveted piece returned.

With such an eye-catching design, hopefully, the authorities or the public will be able to catch the thieves before long. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if the burglars attempt to offload the merchandise, but buyers should be able to easily identify the unique jacket. If anyone does come across the bespoke Metal God jacket, Icon Motorsports asks that they send a direct message (DM) to the brand’s Instagram account.

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