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Polini Releases New Muffler For Select Vespa Models

Vespa undoubtedly has one of the biggest, most loyal followings among all the motorcycle manufacturers across the globe. In Europe, especially Italy, Vespa is a way of life. It really isn’t surprising that folks are holding on to their classic scooters from the ’60s and ’70s, and continuing to ride them and look after them. This has resulted in strong OEM and aftermarket support for a scooter that’s half a century old. 

Polini is one of the most popular aftermarket manufacturers for Vespas, as well as scooters in general. The Italian company has a host of upgrades and accessories designed specifically to improve the performance of the iconic scooter. To bring Vespas from 50 years ago somewhat closer to the modern age, Polini has released a new muffler designed to quiet things down a bit, while retaining the classic aesthetic that matches perfectly with the scooter’s vintage styling.

Polini Releases New Polini Mufflers For Select Vespa Models

Scoots like the Vespa 50 Special and Vespa PK125 are known for their smoky two-stroke engines often accompanied by a high-pitched, sonorous exhaust note. Polini’s new original-style muffler provides additional baffling, slightly suppressing the noise emitted from the two-stroke, single-cylinder motor. Polini claims that the exhaust system improves performance, too. As for its styling, Polini made sure that the aftermarket exhaust system looked as original and period-correct as possible. It features an embossed Polini logo, and is finished in a subtle matte black, just like the original part from several decades ago. 

The new Polini muffler is designed specifically for Vespa 50cc and 125cc two-stroke models. Specifically, it’s a bolt-on upgrade for the 50 Special and PK50, and the PK125 and 125 ET3. It’s compatible with all Vespa accessories, too, including the bigger 3.5-inch wide wheels on certain models. It retails for 159 Euros plus taxes, translating to around $180 USD.

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