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Exotic car brands – Driving your dream


Pushing anything to the limit is human nature. The automotive world may be the biggest example, because its history is completely defined by innovation, speed, and fulfillment of desires deemed impossible.

Exotic car brands are valued for different purposes and uses. Some are the most expensive, but others are very budget-friendly. What about unusual or exotic cars and their manufacturers?

Muscle cars, sports cars, family cars, luxury cars… There are many types of cars, from functionality to performance. Any of these can be an exotic car. There are exotic utility vehicles, they don’t necessarily have to be sports cars.

In this article we are going to show you an exotic car for each category. In this way we will discover that there is much beyond exotic sports cars. In this first edition, we will be based on exotic off-roads cars, sounds interesting right?

An interesting exotic car category is the APCs, called Armored personnel carriers. These cars are for military use and are armored, but there are three different ways to keep it in your garage.

The first is by purchasing this exotic car at a second-hand auction. But there are two other options that allow you to buy a brand new APC. On the one hand, many military versions have a civil, road-legal, and unarmed version. The last option is to purchase a car designed from scratch for civilian use, like the Conquest Knight in the image above. This car is based on the philosophy of military APCs, but is intended for the civilian public.

This category can be considered as an evolution of the Humvees. An example of Humvee is the Zibar in the image below. Although it may not seem like it, there are hundreds of manufacturers of Humvees. Hummer is by no means the only brand destined to make these fantastic exotic cars.

Minihumvees: This category also had a very interesting variation of the humvees. MEV made it popular by designing a small Humvee under license from General Motors. They are vehicles with the aesthetics of the classic Hummer and its variations, but much more suitable for the city, to the detriment of its off-road capabilities.

But exotic cars don’t stop here. Since we are talking about off-road, perhaps we are interested in maximizing the off-road capabilities of our cars. In this case, an ideal category is rock-crawlers. They are cars made for fun in the mountains at a very logical cost.

But perhaps we are looking for something more sporty and everyday driving. For this there are some very interesting and unique exotic cars: The sport SUV. They are sports cars with off-road attributes. They are not SUVs such as a Cayman or a Lamborghini Urus, but authentic sports cars. Many of them even have swingarm suspensions that change position.

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