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Marko: RB18 reveal won't show 'any special details'

Red Bull is set to pull the covers off its all-new RB18 this week, but the car’s details will remain under wraps insists Helmut Marko.

Red Bull Racing is next in line to present its 2022 contender, but on Wednesday the Milton Keynes outfit fill follow its tradition of releasing images or renders of its new design, with the real car breaking cover at Barcelona on February 23.

Teams will undergo three days of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya before moving to Bahrain on March 10 for another three-day session, with upgrades likely implemented in between and ahead of the start of the season at Sakhir.

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“The presentation, which is important for fans and sponsors, does not show any special details on the car,” Marko told Sport1.

“The new car will only be ready shortly before the start of testing in Barcelona on 23 February.

“From then on it will be further developed and will receive another update for the first race of the season on 20 March in Bahrain,” confirmed the Red Bull motorsport boss.


Last year, Red Bull made it a point of completing its car as early as possible to hit the ground running at the start of the 2021 season.

But this year, given F1’s massive regulation overhaul and the introduction of a radical new design philosophy, teams are playing their cards close to their chest and will be completing their designs as late as possible.

“The rules stayed the same last year, so we decided to have the car ready very early for the 2021 season,” explained Marko.

“At the time, this decision proved to be the right one, but now, it’s exactly the opposite. With the new rules, everyone wants to be finished as late as possible – also so as not to show everything too early.”

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