Indian Motorcycles Welcome Sébastien Loeb As Its Brand Ambassador

The undisputed king of the World Rally Championship, and a huge enthusiast of all things mechanical, Sébastien Loeb will now ride an Indian FTR R Carbon as a brand ambassador.

Loeb, now 47, still participates in some of the most challenging racing disciplines in the world. Coming off of his recent victories in Rallye Monte Carlo, and a second-place finish in the Dakar rally, the Alsatian champ continues to showcase his talents and skill in the world of racing even after reigning as the nine-time World Rally champion. He’s entered into multiple disciplines and racing series, the likes of which include The World Touring Car Championship, Pikes Peak, Rallye Cross, Dakar Rally, and Xtreme E.

Sébastien Loeb - Indian Motorcycles Ambassador
Sébastien Loeb - Indian Motorcycles Ambassador

Interestingly, Loeb got his start racing scooters. Following that, he found himself trying his hand at high-speed motorcycling on race circuits and even in the rough roads of enduro.

Loeb and Indian are now in partnership with each other, inking a deal that would see the multi-talented racer on an Indian FTR R Carbon, which is just as charismatic as the man himself. A “natural fit” as the brand calls it, the FTR offers unique style and performance, which is “everything that Sébastien was looking for in his future motorcycle,” as stated by Pierre Audoin, Indian Motorcycle’s National Manager in France.

Sébastien Loeb - Indian Motorcycles Ambassador
Sébastien Loeb - Indian Motorcycles Ambassador

As per Loeb: “I am very happy to collaborate with Indian, I am seen more often behind the wheel than the handlebars, but I have always ridden to experience different sensations. I love riding whenever I get the chance, whether on the track or on the road, and the FTR has all the qualities necessary to have fun at any pace. In addition to the motorcycle, the spirit and the universe of Indian Motorcycle are part of a great openness and originality, and that suits me well.”

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