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American Rally Originals – Taking on the Malle Moto in Dakar 2023

A team of Americans assembled the American Rally Originals(ARO) to tackle the toughest motorcycle class of the toughest race in the world – the renowned Malle Moto class in Dakar Rally (previously known as The Paris to Dakar). It is a 15 Day extreme rally navigation race throughout the landscapes of Saudi Arabia.

After finishing the Dakar Rally in 2020 (Supported with a mechanic and team), Kyle McCoy dug deep into the history of American finishers and realized (from old records and speaking with the organization): No American has ever finished in the “Malle Moto” class of Dakar in its 45-year history.

The “Malle Moto” class (now called “Original by Motul”) takes this race to another level. All racers must do this event with minimal to no support – allowed only one trunk (80 Liter box) of gear. The racers must sleep in tents, maintain and repair their own motorcycles and are allowed no support outside of fellow competitors. “It’s like choosing to run the Iditarod rather than taking a dog sled”, said David Pearson, Team Manager. A Team has been assembled and is being proactive on press and lead up coverage.

ARO Malle Moto 1

The American Rally Originals Race Team Members include:

Kyle McCoy: Finished Dakar (top 10 rookies) in 2020; competitive rally racer at Africa Eco Race, Sonora and Baja Rally. Globally competitive ultra-runner (raced in Antarctica, China, Namibia, Morocco and Chile).
Paul Neff: ISDE Gold and Silver Medalist and AA Enduro rider, 2020 Sonora Rally class winner, top trials competitor and co-coach with Jimmy Lewis (Paul owns Cispus Cycles Training in Washington state).
David Pearson: Vegas to Reno Ironman class winner; Ironman Baja 1000 finisher, Sonora and Baja Rally podium finishes; former owner of KTM and Harley-Davidson Dealerships.
Jim Pearson: AA Enduro rider, Multiple “A” Class Enduro Championships, Vegas to Reno 500 IronmanBaja 1000 Ironman, Sonora and Baja Rally podium finishes and the team’s most knowledgeable mechanic.
Morrison Hart: Previous US Sailing Team member and current rally competitor with numerous podium and top 10 finishes at the Sonora and Baja Rally. He is our top navigation and logistics expert.

ARO Malle Moto team

The team will be at the Sonora Rally in March, 2022 to kick off a year of training, fundraising and promotional events leading up to the Dakar.

The American Rally Originals website:

Team Fundraising:

Media and Event Contact: David Pearson

303-961-9398 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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