Taking the Sammy to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

As part of the testing I’m doing since putting in the Bar’s Head Gasket Sealant, I drove the Sammy for about 4 hours with several stops in between to take pictures.

I drove to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR which is located in the right center of the cesspool that is the Metro Denver area.

The buffalo/bison weren’t real close to the Wildlife Trail; which is a scenic auto route that loops through the NWR.  So out came the Sony HX-80 with its zoom abilities.

Still, the weather was very nice and warm.  I think we would get up to 63°F today, it sure felt nice.

Longs Peak

If you look west from the refuge, the cesspool’s 

downtown skyline is quite evident

Yes, quite a bit of post-processing required due to the very flat light this morning while I was at the NWR.  (Gotta love the dehaze function!)

No pics of the Sammy.  Sorry.  I am happy to report though that she doesn’t seem to be loosing coolant anymore.  Hopefully this will last a long while until I “gird my loins” and undertake the job of replacing the head gasket myself or sell the Sammy.

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