David Brown’s Latest Mini Remastered Was Built For A Japanese Client

David Brown Automotive has just completed work on its latest Mini Remastered project, this time crafting a particularly gorgeous car for a Japanese client.

In creating this Mini Remastered, which just so happens to be the 45th built by the British company, David Brown Automotive applied a shade of paint it dubs Fade to Black. While not the most striking paint imaginable, it suits the iconic car very well and is contrasted by a silver Union Jack on the roof.

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Elsewhere, this Mini has been equipped with 13-inch wire wheels, fender flares, new wing mirrors, and chrome across the front bumper, grille, and rear bumper. It also has a pair of leather straps extending over the hood.

The unique touches continue into the cabin of the Mini where it has been adorned with red leather across the seats, dashboard, and door panels. There is also a wood-rimmed steering wheel, new gauges, push-button start, and a modern audio system. One of the door panels is also equipped with leather straps to hold an umbrella.

No details have been provided about this particular Mini’s powertrain but it is likely the same as most other examples previously built by David Brown Automotive. That would mean it has a 1.2-liter four-cylinder producing 71 hp and 88 lb-ft (119 Nm) of torque that powers the front wheels through an automatic transmission.

Each Mini Remastered built takes about 1,000 hours to complete and while pricing details for this example aren’t known, it certainly wasn’t cheap.

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