Toyota And Lexus Open Official Online Shop On Amazon UK

Toyota and Lexus UK announced today that they have opened Amazon stores that will be open for business 24/7. The stores will provide fast access to both current and recent models, as well as parts and accessories online.

“We are always looking at how we can improve our service to customers, which includes making it easy and convenient for them to obtain the items they want for their vehicle whenever they need them and wherever they are,” said Rob Giles, Toyota GB customers services director.

Toyota and Lexus are currently still in the process of building their inventory and ranges but they will eventually offer thousands of different items, ranging from brake pads, wipers, and trunk liners, to roof bars and carpet mats.

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The store will also offer Gazoo Racing-branded products for Toyota’s GR Sport models, including the GR Supra, the GR Yaris, and the upcoming GR86 coupe.

The automaker says that parts ordered off its Amazon store will be protected by the same guarantees as if purchased from a Toyota or Lexus dealership and customers can be assured of the same product quality, too.

“These new stores give our brands an official presence in one of the UK’s most popular online shopping services while retaining all the quality and performance guarantees our customers expect. The range available is impressive and expanding fast, covering every aspect of vehicle ownership, from wear-and-tear items to accessories that people can confidently fit themselves.”

Toyota joins Hyundai in opening up a virtual storefront on Amazon. The Korean automaker announced last year that it was expanding its offerings on the platform in October 2021. U.S. buyers can similarly buy Hyundai models and accessories on the website.

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