Nearly-new buying guide: Audi Q5

An issue with the brake master cylinder fitted to some Q5s made between August and November 2018 could compromise safety. 

A faulty part in the braking system of some Q5s built between 1 and 30 January 2020 could lead to greater than normal brake pedal travel.

A fault with the protective coating on brake pistons of Q5s constructed between March and May 2018 could increase braking distances.

The passenger airbag in some examples made between June and July 2017 might not deploy correctly.

The front seats of some Q5s built from 29 June to 6 July 2020 may have an issue with the backrest adjuster.

Need to know

The cheapest used 2017 models go for around £22,000 with a high mileage or about £27,000 with a more palatable mileage. An early 2019 Q5 will set you back around £34,000, with facelifted models starting at about £39,000. Put aside upwards of £40,000 for a nearly new one. A plug-in hybrid will be at least £43,000. For an SQ5, prices start from £38,000, with diesel ones from 2020 going for approximately £48,000. 

The 2.0 TDI (40 TDI) has an official combined economy figure of 55.4mpg. The petrol 2.0 TFSI (45 TFSI) delivers 40.9mpg and the 3.0 TDI 48.7mpg. Both petrol and diesel SQ5s achieve around 34mpg on paper, while the plug-in hybrid is rated at 128.4mpg – although you’ll need to plug it in frequently to see a figure like that in reality.

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