These Were Your Nightmare Road Trip Companions

A black and white photograph of two hitchhikers

Photo: Walker Evans / Stringer (Getty Images)

“I was in my early 20’s and decided, due to deaths in my family and an unstable mind at the time, to take a solo road trip to western Canada. On the third day as I was leaving Thunder Bay I spotted this rather enormous and intimidating-looking hitch hiker ahead and I thought to myself – there’s no way anyone is going to stop and give this guy a ride – so I did.

“Long story short, about 15 minutes into a 5 hour drive, he informs me, in a thick Quebecois accent, that he’s freshly released from the correctional facility up there. He stiffened up and went silent every time we saw/passed a cop car. We had an awkward conversation about ‘art’ for five minutes until I realized, with his thick accent, that he was talking about Heart, the rock band, not art. I’m still not sure if he was ‘released’ or just left somehow but I do believe he had been incarcerated. I was ready to be murdered and have my car stolen for the whole ride but at the end of it he got out and thanked me for my kindness. Nightmarish at times but I did not get murdered so, ended fine I guess.”

If “I did not get murdered” is the minimum requirements for a good road trip, you have to ask some serious questions about your life choices. I do, however, want to know if these two travel buddies stayed in touch after the journey?

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