Rainy Day in Southern Arizona

Yep, rain in the desert.

Admittedly, very light rain with hardly any accumulation; fortunately for me since heavy rains would strand me where I’m camping.

The occasional light shower would start last night and would last till about 1 PM this afternoon.  Solid cloud cover raced overhead as the front moved northward, bringing with it temperatures in the low 50s (yeah, I’m a wimp now) and cold wind gusts that encouraged one to stay inside.

And yet, gentle reader, I bundled up and ventured out in the late morning. Since the VRRV was already wet, I used the opportunity to wipe down both the front cap and the rear panel areas.  Bugs being the main problem in the front cap and dirt/dust on the rear panel.

And that, was my only labor today I’m happy to report.  No drives, no rides, no maintenance or repair chores.

Just sitting about, listening to an e-book by Dan Brown and just letting my mind meld with the book.

By 2 PM, the solid clouds overhead would part and the sun started to try and shine through:

By 3PM, I was sitting in the warmth of the now openly shining through sun, continuing to enjoy the book.  

I’m beginning to see I’ve always had a need to “get things done, right now” when I was working.  It was something my last boss had remarked on in a manner which gave me to understand that he felt I was moving too fast.   I didn’t understand it then, but I think I’m starting to get an inkling about it now.
So, the plan is less rushing into decisions or destinations, take the time to think things out and perhaps think some more.  Enjoy the now, I guess is what I’m trying to learn to do.  Try and not fill the day with stuff to do in order for time to fly….time will fly fast enough as it is.
I don’t know, more thinking to be done…..

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